Plastic dolly


A robust dolly made of durable ABS plastic.

The plastic dolly makes it easy to handle and move crates, boxes and other loads.

The four swivel castors are very pliable and have nylon treads.

Our dollies can be used for carrying, transferring, storing all boxes in sizes of 40×60 cm and 40×30 cm and cater to a wide range of industries such as logistics, supermarket retail, automotive, electronics, hardware, pharmaceuticals, meat industry, catering, bakery, medical sector and construction materials.

In addition of strong construction on frames of dolly with deep ribs which allow to sload & carry up to 300 kg in secure. With enhanced frame structure of ABS avoids of possible cracking and bending in full loads.

Molded mesh frame and enhanced strength ensure to carry, transferring and storing all boxes in secure.

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